Top Republican Congressman Fingers 3 Obama Cronies For Contempt, Fraud

The much-anticipated GOP memo on rampant abuses by some of our nation’s most trusted institutions was finally released last week, and the Democratic spin machine has been in overdrive ever since.

The Left and their cronies in the press contend that there’s absolutely nothing to see here, but those capable of making up their own minds have come to different conclusions.

The memo is bad news for those who have placed personal agendas above all else. And there’s one Republican who isn’t afraid to call them out on it.

The Daily Caller has additional details on that.  

A FISA court judge has grounds to hold Department of Justice officials including Bruce Ohr in contempt of court for making misrepresentations about the sources of information used to obtain a surveillance warrant against a Trump associate, a former judge and Republican congressman said.

“I think it’s important to know who the FISA judge was, and why with all the info he’s had for some time, he has not put anyone in jail for committing fraud on his court,” Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican who serves on the Committee on the Judiciary, told The Daily Caller News Foundation Friday.

“You shouldn’t be able to get quotes from Bruce Ohr or [former FBI Director Jim] Comey or [deputy director Andrew] McCabe because they ought to be sitting in jail for committing fraud upon the court,” he said.

The memo clearly demonstrates what many have suspected: there was a concerted effort to discredit President Donald Trump from the get-go.

It’s beyond outrageous to see the actual steps that were taken to make that happen.

A memo declassified Friday showed that the Department of Justice sought and a FISA court granted a warrant to spy on former Trump campaign official Carter Page based on a dossier that was funded by the Clinton 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee and orchestrated by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS.

Fusion paid the wife of then-deputy associate attorney general Bruce Ohr, and Ohr met with Fusion’s founder Glenn Simpson.

The memo said “Ohr’s wife was employed by Fusion GPS to assist in the cultivation of opposition research on Trump. Ohr later provided the FBI with all of his wife’s opposition research, paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign via Fusion GPS. The Ohrs’ relationship with Steele and Fusion GPS was inexplicably concealed from the” court when it was used to obtain a surveillance warrant.

Gohmert said the judge should not be happy with that omission. “This was an action by the DNC and known collusion with top officials at the DOJ and FBI to commit a fraud upon the FISA court.”

Can you imagine what would happen if this story was somehow reversed and Republicans were engaged in dirty dealings behind the scenes to discredit a Democrat?

All hell would break loose. There would be round-the-clock coverage on every Left-leaning outlet in existence, staged protests would be breaking out everywhere, and emergency Congressional hearings would be held.

That’s not going to happen here. However, there’s no pulling the curtain back for Democrats this time around.

While they seem to believe that the average American voter is an imbecile, the reality is vastly different.  

Just ask failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton how well that line of thinking turned out for her.

Source: Daily Caller

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