In A Landmark Case, Court Cuts Off Mosque’s Most Public Activity

Islamic teachings, known as Sharia Law, include practices that are barbaric, or at least archaic. But there is nothing archaic about the way in which its followers go about promoting the Muslim faith.

Imagine a mosque setting up a powerful loudspeaker system with such volume that the broadcasts can be heard almost a mile away. You’ve probably heard what a Muslim call to prayer sounds like. Now imagine that modern technology being used to blast that message so loudly you hear it in your home. This is the definition of obnoxious.

One couple was suffering under just such an offense. They got fed up with the noise and took the mosque to court. But how the court responded and ruled will set precedence for all future cases such as this. And for that, we are very grateful.

From Federalist Papers Project:

“Since 2014, a mosque in Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany has used outdoor loudspeakers to boom out mid-day calls to prayer on Fridays, but a local court has upheld a challenge to the loud Islamic announcements.

“A local couple who lives about a thousand yards from the mosque was greatly annoyed by the loudspeakers, and thought that a mosque shouldn’t be able to use loudspeakers to propagate religious messages to the entire town.

“The Christian couple said that those loudspeaker prayers violated their own religious rights.”

This an example of the sort of obnoxious promotion of the Muslim faith that turns up all too often. Blasting people out of their homes with that irritating sound is unacceptable. It is going way beyond the legitimate expression or exercise of their faith.

What is especially egregious is the amount of time it took from when the injunction was first issued until the mosque’s speakers were silenced.

“Lehmann and his wife may have won the injunction years ago, but the mosque’s Muezzin, who traditionally announces the call to prayer, refused to stop and continued to use the loudspeakers.

“Finally, the Administrative Court of Gelsenkirchen ruled that the Muezzin had to stop. Somehow, this mosque got away with disobeying the ruling for far too long.”

These broadcasts were doubly offensive. First, unless you’re a Muslim, you are not likely to enjoy hearing the sound, especially if it’s loud.

Second, the content is offensive to those holding to faiths other than Islam. Some people would say, should this really be an issue? Try setting up some similar audio equipment and blasting Christian creeds and hymns into an Islamic community and see what happens. We’re not talking about handing out literature here.

“The couple stated that the Islamic announcement over [the] loudspeaker was annoying on its own, but as Christians, the content concerned them more than the noise.

“The prayer includes the phrase ‘I testify that there is no deity but Allah.’ The statement clearly condemns all religions but Islam. For the call to be loudly echoed through a loudspeaker is in total disregard of other people’s religious freedoms and common courtesy.”

The mosque’s loudspeakers have been silenced. For now at least.

Islam is not shy when it comes to making demands about what it believes are its rights to freedom of expression. One mosque just got a lesson: Others have the right to enjoy their religious freedoms as well. Will they learn it?

Source: Federalist Papers Project

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