California Democrats Deal Death Blow To Their Top Leader With A Single Vote

As the mid-term elections heat up, pundits are watching the races closely. What happens now will give us a look into November. What we are seeing inside the Democratic Party is troubling and shocking. But great for the rest of us.

They really don’t know what to do. The Democrats are desperate to win back seats in Congress. But they have lost faith with many Americans. They fought the tax cuts that brought millions of Americans relief. More recently they shut down the government to favor illegal immigrants.

Now California Democrats are even turning on a 25-year senator. The reason why is baffling.

From Mercury News:

The California Democratic Party declined to make an endorsement in this year’s U.S. Senate race early Sunday morning, snubbing Sen. Dianne Feinstein in her bid for a fifth full term.

Her main challenger, State Senate leader Kevin de León, won the support of 54 percent of the delegates at the state party convention here this weekend, short of the 60 percent needed to secure the party endorsement. Feinstein received only 37 percent of the votes…

The results were a sign of discomfort among many liberals who believe Feinstein should do more to challenge President Trump — and of de León’s strong connections to the party’s activist left flank.

The endorsement contest was a “test of the establishment’s authority and power,” de León chief of staff Dan Reeves said before the vote.

This tells you a lot about the direction of the Democratic Party. They are abandoning their long-time incumbents. Why? Because they are actually favoring radical, far-left maniacs who simply will not be able to connect with regular Americans.

It shows you how out-of-touch and stupid liberals are becoming. Under Obama, they become deluded. They actually convinced themselves Americans wanted their unhinged, crazy, anti-American agenda.

Now they are unwilling to admit they were dead wrong. Instead, they double-down on the very toxic ideas that compelled people to abandon the left and vote for Donald Trump.

In this age, activist liberals will not win. Americans don’t want radicals who will damage our society. They want strong leaders who will put Americans first.

Yet all the democrats care about is pushing their toxic agenda. An agenda that neglects American citizens, weakens our economy and makes us more vulnerable to terrorism.

Feinstein represents the last of the “moderate” liberals. They hate Trump, yes, but they are better suited to winning close races. De Leon represents the “future” of the left: radical progressives who will push Socialism like never before.

They will erode voters’ confidence in the party, leading to its ultimate doom.

They don’t seem to realize that people like him will destroy the Democratic Party once and for all. Personally, I’m broken up about it.

Source: Mercury News

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