Report: California To Invade Homes, Strip Away Basic Constitutional Right

We hear horror story after horror story coming out of California.

From automatically giving out driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, to spending money on climate change studies instead of their own infrastructure, to taking away gun rights, the liberal drama just doesn’t stop.

And the latest horror story coming out of Cali is here. California legislatures have proposed a new way to inefficiently, and illegally, control and ruin even more of Californians’ everyday lives.

According to The Washington Examiner, the plan set out by lawmakers would be to force parents into proving to the government that they are, in fact, fit to be a parent.

The homeschooling parent — per legal requirement — would have to meet the government’s required checklist via home visits, interviews, and other oversights, effectively increasing the burden on the parent to prove themselves parentally fit.

So the state of California will send people that will come inside your home and invade your privacy, just because you chose to homeschool your children. And it’s a requirement. Meaning that if you don’t allow these people to check out your home, then you can’t homeschool your children.

The decision seems to be in light of the horrifying case of David and Louise Turpin who were registered as homeschoolers to the 13 children that authorities found chained, malnourished and abused.

Ok, let’s just forget about the fact that those two nutjobs had mental health issues before they started homeschooling their kids. Homeschooling did not make them become child abusers, or force them to neglect the care of their children.

There is pretty hard evidence that both of these parents had issues before they started homeschooling.

Even if they didn’t break down mentally until after they started homeschooling, that doesn’t mean that homeschooling in any way caused it. And it also doesn’t mean that homeschooling is bad for children. In fact, many homeschooled children are better off than their public schooled counterparts.

A recent piece by Chris Weller for Business Insider gives five strong reasons why kids in today’s world of technology, online classes and apps might actually be better-off than their publicly educated peers.

“Homeschooled kids have the same access to online learning, friendships, and extracurricular activities as the typical public school student,” Weller summarizes. “But without many of the drawbacks, like standardized lesson plans and bullying.”

So what is really behind this new proposed law? It’s an excuse to gain even more control over American citizens. And, to place residents even closer under government watch.

Not to mention it pressures parents to send their children to public schools, where their kids will be instilled with liberal viewpoints.

If the state is suggesting that all homeschooling parents are at risk for abusing or neglecting their children, many parents will not even look into homeschooling as an option when it could actually be the best fit for their kids.

So be … cautioned America to take a closer look at just how far lawmakers will go to invade the privacy of a household, likening it to totalitarian countries where “anything not expressly allowed is forbidden.”

Californians should heed this warning, and vote accordingly. If they wait too much longer to turn things around in their government, it just may be too late.

Source: Western Journal

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