Thanks To Taxpayers, California Is Handing Out Eye-Popping ‘Freebie’ To Homeless Tent City

A federal judge has ruled that a homeless encampment has to be cleared out completely in the next week. The encampment’s population had risen to 1,000 people at one point.

However, many have already been removed from the area, so now there are about 400 people remaining. The homeless encampment is located on a riverbed in Santa Ana, California. The county wants to reclaim the area so residents can again use it for hiking and other activities.

And these liberal county officials are willing to pay a high price to get it done. Or, at least they’re willing to use taxpayers’ money to get it done.

From the Western Journal:

The hundreds who remained then became the subject of debate and ultimately a compromise between the court and advocacy groups that will provide those being evicted with temporary housing.

Per the agreement, homeless individuals will be given an opportunity to stay at a local shelter with access to health care for as long as those resources remain available. After that, reports indicate transients will be offered vouchers for food and lodging at a motel…

According to Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Carrie Braun, other resources will be made available, including transportation to their new temporary housing.

Leave it to officials in California to spend tax dollars to pay for free housing, food, and healthcare for a large population of people which their liberal policies put on the streets in the first place.

Instead of fixing the real problems, which are their liberal policies and misuse of tax funds, these liberals want to throw more tax dollars at an issue that is the direct result of poor governing.

If they stopped the over-regulation of businesses, lowered taxes, and changed policies which protect illegal immigrants, drug users, and criminals, then they wouldn’t have such a large population of homeless people.

There’s always going to be a homeless population no matter who is in charge of the government. However, that number can be kept substantially lower if common-sense policies are put into practice.

Source: Western Journal

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