California Now Allows Illegals To Vote, But They Are Accidentally Helping ICE

We know why liberals want to protect illegal aliens. They pander to this group, hoping it gives them extra votes come election time.

That’s a travesty of our democracy. Non-citizens have zero rights to vote in our election. Yet in San Francisco, they have just passed a rule that gives illegals the right to vote in every election.

It’s a shocking betrayal of our laws and values. But before you panic, there is something important to keep in mind. Something that even ICE is happy about.

From Breitbart:

A San Francisco lawmaker who was one of the most fervent supporters of giving illegal immigrants the right to vote in school board elections now wants the city to spend $500,000 annually to warn illegal immigrants about the potential risks associated with registering to vote…

Illegal immigrants will be able to vote in San Francisco for the first time this November, and “warning notices” to let voters know that “the feds may have access to their personal information” would have to be “translated into as many as 48 languages and circulated not just to schools, but also preschools and community resource centers,” according to the Chronicle.

There are reportedly about 44,000 illegal immigrants living in San Francisco, and the city’s elections director is  creating a special form for illegal immigrants “that would require them to give their address before they could cast a school-board ballot.”

Illegal aliens who register to vote will have their information listed. Voting in an election will expose them to federal authorities. Illegals already fear being outed and deported. Would they really risk being caught by ICE, simply to vote?

Democrats were so thirsty to push this measure, they didn’t even realize how they were harming illegals. Not a surprise. Most programs pushed by liberals do way more harm than good. This is no exception.

Either illegals run the risk of being deported or simply refuse to register to vote. Not a good situation to be in, is it?

How did liberals not realize this would happen? Illegals get to stay in this country by flying under the radar. They avoid getting into the system because that would increase the chances of being caught and deported. Yet the morons in San Francisco want them registered to vote?

Lol, good luck!

Source: Breitbart

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