Breaking: Brother Of High-Profile Democrat Turns Himself Into Jail

Most Americans make a good joke about how one of their siblings is considered the “black sheep” of the family. You know, the one who got himself or herself into more trouble than the rest of the group during the growing up years.

For the most part, this joke is all in good fun, as the “black sheep” tend to grow up into nice, responsible adults. It’s only on the rare occasions where prison and jail time are ever part of the picture.

However, when it comes to Democrats and their families, a good portion of them are filled with many “black sheep.” And it’s not just a once per generation type of situation.

In our particular story, we have a family full of black sleep, including in-laws!

From Daily Caller:

61-year-old Roger Clinton surrendered to authorities January 24 in Torrance, CA.  He was released later that same day.

The younger brother of Bill Clinton was arrested for DUI in Redondo Beach on June 5, 2016.  He eventually plead no-contest to one charge of driving while impaired, and sentenced to 3 years probation, a $390 fine, participate in a diversion program and also serve 48 hours in jail.  His arrest made headlines partly because it was right in the middle of his sister-in-law Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign.

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Clinton had until January 24 to turn himself in to serve his 48 hours.  He had the choice of surrendering to a city jail, where he would probably spend the full two days, or a county jail, where he had a good chance of being released in a few hours due to overcrowding.

So now the question becomes, were the Clinton brothers “black sheep” of their families long before Hillary entered the scene? Did she become corrupt after she joined this family, or was she already filled with evil aspirations and plans before marrying Bill?

In any case, we have to give Roger Clinton a tiny bit of credit here. He chose to turn himself into the proper authorities to serve his jail time. We are still waiting for Bill and Hillary to admit their horrendous list of crimes. They should be the ones turning themselves in for all of their decades’ worth of corruption.

We can only hope that Bill and Hillary follow Roger’s example and confess their crimes. But I’m certainly not going to hold my breath on that one.

Source: Daily Caller

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