Billionaire CEO Describes Perfect 2020 Candidate. Sounds Just Like – Himself?

Everyone thinks they know how to run the country. Until they’re asked to do it themselves. 2018 is only the beginning and the media is speculating on 2020. They already embarrassed themselves over a “President Oprah.” That gave them something to talk about for a week.

It seems like people are coming out of the woodwork to talk about the “perfect” President. I guess anyone other than Trump, huh? Fixing the economy, fighting illegal immigration, and rebuilding our military aren’t enough to win over the pundits.

Now yet another billionaire liberal is weighing in on who should be President. Surprisingly, it’s a lot like him.

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From Vanity Fair:

At a lunch hosted by The Economic Club of Chicago last fall, [Jamie] Dimon weighed in on a number of topics that would just so happen to make great campaign fodder.

Of a certain real estate-developer turned president’s habit of trashing Mexico, Dimon said, “We should never be rude to a neighbor.”

On race relations in the U.S., which Dimon said should be broached more frequently, he told the group, “If you’re white, paint yourself black and walk down the street one day, and you’ll probably have a little more empathy for how some of these folks get treated. We need to make a special effort because this is a special problem.”

And then, of course, there was his August interview live from the South Side of Chicago in which he said, among other things: “I’m a patriot before I’m the C.E.O. of JP Morgan”; “We have to make society better for people”; and “America is the best country on the planet. I’m a complete patriot. There’s nothing like this country. It is the shining city on a hill. But we should acknowledge our problems and fix them.”

But if Dimon says he’s not interested, he’s not interested. Democrats will just have to find a centrist, pro-business, pro-America, self-described patriot elsewhere.


Keep in mind, Dimon predicted Trump would only last three and a half years in office. Meaning he’s one of the out of touch liberals who expects him to be impeached.

This is a red flag for those of us in reality. Liberals fantasize about removing Trump from office. They refuse to face up to the facts: that Trump is here to stay.

Dimon can easily comment on situations from the comfort of his lifestyle. It’s very easy to say how things “should” be. It’s much different to actually try to make a difference.

President Trump put his reputation on the line to save America. What is Dimon doing? Taking pot shots and virtue signaling for the empty-headed left.

I’d like to see the CEO of JP Morgan throw his hat into the ring. Just to see him flounder. There is no chance he’d make it out of the primaries. One real debate and he’ll be running to his corner office in record time.

Source: Vanity Fair

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