In Landmark 3-0 Decision, Appeals Court Hands Trump Sanctuary City Ruling

Sanctuary cities have been a thorn in the side for both Americans and President Trump.

Thanks to former President Obama’s lackadaisical approach to the illegal immigration problem, hundreds of thousands of sanctuary cities popped up along on our border states, thereby thwarting the rule of law and thus endangering our legal citizens.

Certain sanctuary cities have even gone so far as to extend their realm of fake authority by instituting sanctuary counties and states. To that end, these sanctuary localities are refusing to detain any illegals that the federal government authorities have specifically requested they hold until they are able to come and pick these criminals up.

On top of that, sanctuary cities recently decided to take legal matters into their own hands by submitting a lawsuit to the appeals court and demanding that they rule in favor of allowing local municipalities to ignore the detainment requests of the federal government.

So the appeals court has just rendered their historic decision. This decision will set the precedent for sanctuary cities going forth. And it’s nothing short of surprising, especially for President Trump.

From Washington Times:

States have the power to punish sanctuary cities within their borders and to force local police and sheriff’s departments to cooperate in turning over illegal immigrants to the federal government for deportation, an appeals court ruled Tuesday in upholding a Texas law.

The 3-0 decision by a panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals marks a major victory for President Trump, who has demanded punishment for sanctuary cities that thwart the federal government to protect illegal immigrants.

The judges didn’t go that far, but they did say the federal government’s detainer requests, which ask local governments to hold illegal immigrants for pickup, are legal. Localities can refuse based on their own resources, the court ruled — but the detainer requests are legal, the judges said.

Most of us expected the appeals court to ignore the rule of law and to side with sanctuary cities. But what a delightful surprise we’ve been given.

Finally, sanctuary cities got their hands slapped, and now they have to truly abide by both federal and state law, otherwise, receive serious punishment.

This is a huge win not only for Texas but for every law-abiding citizen in America. The fact that the court ruled in favor of protecting American citizens from the lawlessness of criminal illegals and their aiding and abetting sanctuary law enforcement is a strong sign that the peak of sanctuary cities is finally done for.

From here, we can start seeing the number of sanctuary cities shrink under the Trump administration. And once we get the border wall in place, the illegal immigration problem will soon be a thing of the past.

Source: Washington Times

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