President Trump’s 2019 Budget Saves Americans $445M By Nixing Swamp Agency

The budget in this country is a disaster and has been one for decades. Politicians cannot help themselves. Given the power to spend our taxpayer money on bloated bureaucracies, they will.

If we are to survive economically, spending must be controlled. Disaster will come at some point soon if this does not happen. This isn’t fear mongering. It’s plan economic fact regardless of how liberals want you to believe otherwise. And President Trump knows this.

So President Trump is working to turn this thing around. “Draining the Swamp” is part of it. Given the unfathomable size of the federal government, this cannot happen in one or two years. Not unless you want to turn loose an economic cataclysm.

One way to get started is to get rid of the most worthless of government expenditures that have cost Americans $445 million of taxpayer funds. Fox News is reporting on just such an act.

“The 2019 federal budget that the White House unveiled Monday again proposes cutting all federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funnels money to NPR and PBS — a potential move that the CPB president quickly slammed.

Breitbart notes: “CPB received $445 million in federal funding, according to the most recent data available from the organization. Those federal funds made up 15 percent of PBS funding and ten percent of funding for NPR radio broadcasting.”

Public broadcasting is nothing more than the government-sponsored propagation of left-wing political and economic beliefs. As such, funding it is to fill the swamp, not drain it.

Of course, the CPB is having a cow.

“‘Americans place great value on having universal access to public media’s educational and informational programming and services, provided commercial free and free of charge,’ [President and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Patricia] Harrison said in a statement Monday.”

Do they really? Is that why people hook their cell phones to their car radios? Or subscribe to Sirius XM radio?

How many hundreds of channels are there on satellite radio? For about 60 cents a day. And is NPR even on the thing? No matter, there are left-wing news channels and right-wing news channels. This is called freedom of speech.

Point is, the idea that somehow Americans will be harmed by the termination of public broadcasting is false.  To claim that people will die if it’s closed down is an act of desperation.

Guess what? If NPR and other such programming are of value, then those who value it will pay for it. Or the network can find sponsors. That’s how the rest of the broadcast world works.

If we cannot at least end the government-sponsored left-wing indoctrination of children and others through public broadcasting, then “the swamp” is more durable and insidious than we imagined.

De-fund all public broadcasting. If people really want to hear from Nancy Pelosi, they can foot the bill themselves.

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